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Toys for the Roadie from the Roadie Trainer

January 22, 2010

Being on the road all the time can make it tough to get a good workout in or for that matter a workout at all. There are though ways to still have a quality workout even while stuck on a tour bus. To get a good workout in while still on the road you will […]

Sprint Into the New Year–Literally!

January 15, 2010

The holidays are gone and 2010 is here. Time to get into shape! Monday, right?  Nope–don’t wait! Everyone always waits for a Monday and then turn around and end it on Tuesday. Your schedules are busy enough; thus, don’t look to your first day “off”  to start either. Why? That’s easy–stamina!  Pure and simple! You […]

Quick Interval Workout

November 17, 2009

Do you feel as though you don’t have the time to work out?  Do you have ten minutes in your day?  If so, then you have time for a workout!  Taking 10 minutes out of your day workout burns calories, increases your strength, works your core, and increases your cardiovascular health.  You CAN do 10 […]