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Change is coming…to your food labels!

No, not the kind you read at the stores, or perhaps ignore. Restaurants will soon be required to label all of their menu items with basic nutrition information. It’s a movement to help people become more aware of the excessive indulgence that can occur with eating out. Granted, I realize that we all go out to some restaurant and care very little about calories and/or health as we indulge in some decadent meal (for me, it’s all about my chicken fried steak!). But, is this the norm? Do you regularly throw out the idea that eating well does not matter?

When you may be on the road more days than not in a year, eating out should matter. The new labels should help you choose to either 1) throw caution to the wind and eat until your gluttonous or 2) take the slap as reality hits and choose something with fewer calories.

Often I hear from the roadies that there is a perception that you have to eat lettuce and twigs daily to eat well. Not so! Salads can often match calories and fat to a greasy burger, so buyer beware! This is one reason I like the idea of nutrition information being listed, because often there is a “deception”  or misconception, that one food is healthier than the other. Example–lettuce wraps from PF Changs have over 600 Calories in an order!  How about a large Asian salad from Chili’s—930 Calories.  Ahhh, the unknown!  I feel bad when I know a person is trying to make healthier choices and yet are deceived by the true content of the meal. This food labeling movement should help!

Again, why care? Let me walk you through a scenario and you can let me know if you relate or not…

  1. You perform on the road >200 days per year
  2. You eat out regularly at fast food and or quick restaurants daily
  3. Eating out regularly is linked to increase in weight
  4. Increased weight can lead to feelings of being sluggish, sick, and cause GERD (reflux disease)
  5. If you sing, GERD can damage your vocals
  6. If you play an instrument, GERD can make you want to hurl after a set or feel like you’re having chest pain
  7. Increase weight can hurt your overall performance (both on and off stage!)

I am not saying get skinny or drop weight, but what I am illustrating is how easy it is to increase your weight while touring. So, I hope you start looking for the labels that are already starting to show up at some restaurants. For more info check out the NY Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/17/health/nutrition/17cons.html

If you are interested in finding out the calories of your favorite meal check out the restaurant’s website and locate nutrition information or go to www.CalorieKing.com and search your restaurant.

Cheers to wise eating~

The Roadie Nutritionist

Picture source: http://media.syracuse.com/healthfitness/photo/caloriejpg-84e29fc3a01940e3_large.jpg


2 Responses to “Change is coming…to your food labels!”

  1. I liked your blog post about health. I will check it out again when I get the chance. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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