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Crazy Heart with Ryan Bingham featuring Jeff Bridges

I realize it’s not really Ryan and the boy’s movie, but I went to see it because of them!  The raspy, sexy voice of Ryan Bingham just launched on to the big screen in the movie Crazy Heart.  Crazy Heart portrays a burned out, drunken country singer (Jeff Bridges as Bad Blake). The story begins in a bowling alley in New Mexico with Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses (Corby, PawPaw, and Elijah) playing back up for Bad Blake. Ryan is just so darn endearing. (I can say that, I am a girl!) His shy and humble persona came off on screen.  Unfortunately, the movie only gives a taste of his voice at the beginning, but at the end Ryan’s song, Weary Kind,  came through and finishes with his amazing voice (and the best version to listen to).  The Oscar’s even love it!  Don’t miss out on the movie. Jeff Bridges, Robert Duvall, Maggie Gyllenhaal all provided moving performances. For me, any movie that has Robert Duvall casted is a great one!  Call and request Weary Kind on your radio stations!

I am a huge fan of Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses for many reasons.  Their music is unique and has a ton of soul.  Take a listen and decide for yourself. Don’t illegally download it, either!  They deserve you buying their albums!

Corby Schaub, Mark Ford, and Ryan Bingham (Casbah in San Diego)

The movie is timely for my research, as well.  What does alcohol do to a performer’s voice and stage presence?  There are a lot of connections between alcohol and musicians, unfortunately not a lot of scientific research.  From a nutrition stand point, if you consume a lot of alcohol (I’ll say it that way since many don’t consider themselves alcoholics) you tend to be low in Vitamins B-1 (Thiamin) and Folic Acid. If you find yourself on the road, drinking a heck of a lot of alcohol then consider taking a multiple-vitamin daily due to some possible deficiencies. Stay tuned for more links, info, and research on other various topics relating to nutrition and musicians.

Quick question: Do you think there is widespread use of drugs (to include alcohol and marijuana) amongst musicians?

The Roadie Nutritionist

Me & my good buddy, Corby Schaub (most talented mandolin player!)


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