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A Dose of Honesty (and Science!)

Some of you may be curious as to my purpose of this blog or why I would be interested in this topic of nutrition.  I thought I’d clear the air on my intent.  Currently, I am working to complete my Masters of Science in Nutrition and my area of study is Nutrition & Musicians (graduate May 2010).  My area of employment is as a private practice dietitian, doing mostly consulting work in areas of culinary, clinical, and sports nutrition.  The information I research is science based and meant to veer away from “assumptions” and opinions, but instead focus on the empirical evidence. I am an enthusiast of music and nutrition professional (one who has a degree and has completed a 1,200 hour internship through the American Dietetic Association + passed a national board exam for dietitians).  Air cleared?

Now on to a gripe and a word of caution…

I am appalled at the amount of poor nutrition information that is available on the web geared towards musicians. I truly hope that the majority of you do not “google” nutrition topics and believe all that you read. I am in the midst of doing a major (science based/research driven) literature review and the amount of “quack” nutrition information I found made me laugh–and then cringe!  If you have a question and are curious about the validity of the information please ask me first. I am not out to sell you a magic supplement or tincture that will provide you with a laundry list of “cures” to your ailments. Although there are many out there who do wish to sell you something!  So, why the rant? Because, I have just spent 6 hours doing research and became so frustrated with the amount of nutrition advice on the web that I felt the need to send you all a message of caution.

5 Tips to Getting Solid Nutrition Information:

1. Ask yourself if they are trying to sell you a product? (particularly supplements)  Not all people selling something are “bad,” but it’s always good to be cautious.

2. What are the credentials of the person writing the article? Another word of caution, not all educated people know a lot about nutrition and may never have taken a class in nutrition.  I took 6 years of nutrition and nutrition related classes–huge difference!

3. Look to education-based website for solid information. For instance, websites ending with .edu

4. Is the information something you can easily adapt to or include in your daily habits? If it’s not practical then it may not be realistic for you.

5. Professional magazines and musical journals may have a clear message relating to nutrition and your profession; thus, I recommend sticking to these for information. When in doubt, ask!
Am I a skeptic? No, but I do take the time to critically review literature before making recommendations. If you have a nutrition-related question this is the place to ask!  As I go through my review I promise to keep you all up-to-date on the latest and greatest findings.  If you have tips or suggestions for me please let me know!

Your Nutrition Expert~

The Roadie Nutritionist


3 Responses to “A Dose of Honesty (and Science!)”

  1. I always learn so much from these posts, thank you!

  2. Great article, thank you. I am very interested in finding a diet that lowers my sugar intake. I currently have a sweet-tooth, and am finding it difficult to find meal plans, what to eat for snacks, etc. While diabetes is not something that runs in my family, I am still concerned and would like to be smart and take a proactive approach to my health.

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