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Toys for the Roadie from the Roadie Trainer

Being on the road all the time can make it tough to get a good workout in or for that matter a workout at all. There are though ways to still have a quality workout even while stuck on a tour bus. To get a good workout in while still on the road you will need a few toys. Here is a list of items you can use to stock your on the road gym:

1)    The TRX is a great 2lb suspension-training device that you can literally take anywhere and use for training. TRX uses the forces of gravity and your own body weight to help you build strength and chisel out your body. You can find out more about the TRX at http://www.fitnessanywhere.com.

2)    Resistance Bands are lightweight bands that come in different resistant strengths. You can use one at a time or double them up for greater resistance. They come in different colors yellow (easiest resistance), green, red, blue, black (greatest resistance).

3)    Jump Rope. The bus has to stop some time.

4)    Physio Ball can easily be inflated and deflated for whenever you want to use it.

5)    A mat if you don’t like lying on the bare ground.

6)    A Yoga or Pilates dvd/book is not only great for flexibility and core strength, but also can be a challenging workout.

Throw your new gym equipment in a gym bag and get ready to stay in shape and relieve some stress while on the road.

Michelle, CSCS

The Roadie Trainer


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