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Randy Rogers Band Rolls into Colorado

The Randy Rogers Band & Cross Canadian Ragweed are rolling into Colorado today.  First stop, Colorado Springs, then Denver, and finishing up 3 1/2 weeks of travel in Ft. Collins.  Three and a half weeks on the road can take it’s toll on your body, throat, and energy. The best way to ward off fatigue and fight the flu (beyond use of Tamiflu) is through food & hydration.  So here are my finishing food picks in Colorado.

Cowboy’s in Colorado Springs (PS–the link on the RRB website is wrong so use this one instead)

They don’t have much at the venue that is not fried, battered, and dipped.  Their idea of healthy looks like cottage cheese and a garden salad.  Fried food can really create an environment for gastric reflux, which ultimately can lead to sore throats–never a good thing for a performer!  My picks:

Garden salad and a ham or turkey sandwich

Grilled chicken plate with a salad

Friday night at the Grizzly Rose

I love how they refer to this as a “Grill” when in reality it resembles fair food! You got it–more fried food! The only thing I see grilled would (should) be the Chicken skewers and some of the salads.

Perhaps I should call the chef Willy Callahan and have a chat about some new grilled items for the menu.

Saturday night in Ft. Collins at the Aggie Theater

There is not any food at this venue, but a close walking distance is Jay’s Bistro. 135 W Oak St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

My picks: grilled fish tacos, ahi salad,Bouillabaisse, Ahi Tuna Poke, Turkey Arugula Sandwich, and the Santa Fe Salad.

I know at times you may think that I am a “Food Nazi” or anti all fried foods, but rest assured I too like the taste of grease.  Your performance depends on your health, as does mine; thus, choosing healthy foods more days than not can help keep you in top shape for the stage!  After the weekend it’s time for some days of rest and recuperation!

Eat to perform instead of performing to eat!

The Roadie Nutritionist


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