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Roadie Nutritionist’s Snack Packs

Let’s start with a game…

True or False………….All health foods taste like cardboard.

True or False………….Healthy foods are more expensive.

True or False………….There’s not enough storage space on a tour bus to keep healthy foods.

True or False………….Healthy snacks require a lot of preparation.

True or False………….Anything “Organic” or “Natural” = healthy.

Alright, enough with the quiz–the answers are all FALSE!  Here’s why:

  1. Some of the easiest snack foods are fresh fruit, peel and eat!
  2. If you play your cards right and avoid a lot of the prepackaged foods healthy foods can be quite inexpensive.
  3. Yes, I realize space is limited on a bus, but if you have space for giant bottles of Tito’s vodka then you have space for healthy snacks! If you buy big bags of foods I suggest transferring them into smaller bags to reduce the size. Plus, bags of food generally have a lot of air (big surprise) in them.
  4. If you despise the idea of “preparing” food then opt for foods that have already been chopped, shredded, or divided into bite size pieces.
  5. Don’t assume that just because something that is organic or “natural” is healthier than those that aren’t. While getting together some snacks for the Randy Rogers Band I compared labels of the Ruffles brand baked chips and an organic brand, the ingredients in the Ruffles brand chips were healthier and lacked MSG (monosodium glutamate).  I bought the guys the Ruffles brand instead, and saved an additional $1.57.

Are you interested in healthy snack foods? Here’s the Roadie Nutritionist’s Top Picks:

Fresh Fruits:

  • Bananas–generally a favorite amongst many Americans, easy to eat
  • Clementines–usually do not have seeds, peel easily, and great source of Vitamin C
  • Limes–great addition to your favorite spirits
  • Apples–can stay a long time in the refrigerator, high in fiber, and pair well with caramel dip for a quick sweet-tooth fix

Fresh Vegetables

  • Mini Cucumbers–very few seeds, the peels are not tough, and they taste great in hummus
  • Broccoli florets–easy to dip in just about anything and great with cheese
  • Baby carrots–perfect snacking size and another favorite pairing of hummus
  • Red bell peppers–make a great base for nachos (no chips needed). Easy to dip, too


  • Kraft’s brand of 2% reduced fat sharp cheddar slices are my favorite. Each slice can be bent into fours and enjoyed with a triscuit and a slice of apple
  • Kraft’s 2% reduced fat string cheese–childhood memories! These are great on the go or for a late night snack

Packaged Foods

  • Blue Diamonds 100Kcal Snack Packs–nuts have their place in the healthy snack food category, but a standard bag of almonds can easily have over 1000 (yes, thousand) calories, so do yourself a favor and try these small snack packs out first to get familiar with portion sizes. Once you know you’ll think twice next time you start to polish of a large bag of nuts.
  • Triscuits (Hint of Salt)–your bus has probably had it’s fair share of processed foods; thus, cutting back a little on the salt can be beneficial!  You won’t miss it with these!
  • Baked Ruffles–a slight difference from the “real” thing, like no oil on your fingers. They taste great!
  • Caramel Dip Snack Packs–One individual package has about 200 calories, but it makes for a great dessert when coupled with an apple!
  • Hummus–perfect dip for some of you favorite vegetables

Bars–often these can be more of a meal replacement (high in calories), so be aware of that. Always drink plenty of water when you eat them, and when you can choose whole foods over a bar.  They can have their place in a healthy diet.


  • V-8 Mini Cans–perfect way to get your vegetables in quickly!  Also, pair well with Tito’s Vodka to fix your hangover! Squeeze a little lime for some added Vitamin C.
  • Sparkling Water (the kind without sugars or sugar substitutes)–if you get sick of drinking plain water or you really enjoy Diet Sprite then consider this as an alternative. Again, tastes great with Vodka and a squeeze of lime! 😉

So, how much did I spend on the above?  $42.84…definitely won’t break your wallet and will surely save you some unnecessary calories and equip your bus with some healthier late night snack options! I found all of these at Albertson’s Grocery Store.  Do I think these are the ONLY snack foods that are healthy?  No, of course not, but it’s what I picked up today.

PS–Stay away from the candy drawer!  Better yet, turn the candy drawer into a fruit drawer…just sayin’!

Happy Snacking~

The Roadie Nutritionist


6 Responses to “Roadie Nutritionist’s Snack Packs”

  1. Excellent post!! Very helpful, easy tips to eating well!

  2. Great info Roadie! Nice 🙂

  3. I would love to receive notifications of new posts via email.

    • Hi Barb. Are you on Facebook? I have Fuelin Roadie part of the networked blogs which posts to your facebook page when I have a new link. Also, if you are familiar with RSS feed I use Net News Wire as a download which pulls in my requested RSS feeds of all of my favorite blogs.

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