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Power Pack Your Sandwiches





Yes, sandwiches really are a quick & easy food to eat. The great things about sandwiches are that they can be quickly transformed into a tasty treat or can be enjoyed in their finest simplicity. If sandwiches are a main meal on your bus this post is with you in mind!  Let’s add a little more flavor to your meat–and nutrition!

  1. Add roasted red bell pepper slices
  2. Use fresh spinach in place of lettuce
  3. Skip the mayo & stick with mustard
  4. If you must have cheese try the 2% reduced fat sharp cheddar (passes my culinary taste buds!)
  5. Use a high fiber bread (>3 grams of fiber per slice–read the nutrition label to be sure it’s per slice)
  6. Consider hummus in place of mayo
  7. Like a little crunch? Add in grated carrots or sliced almonds to the sandwich
  8. Sliced avocados provide the creaminess of mayo with more nutrients and healthier fats
  9. Fresh basil adds an Italian flare to any sandwich with loads of nutrients
  10. Raw onions may not be great on your breath, but do have phytochemicals that are heart protecting that have been show to lower blood pressure and possibly lowering cholesterol.

Can the sandwiches be a healthy main meal?  Absolutely, but think about some of these tips to help create a more balanced meal.  Sandwiches are great for the bus due to the fact that they take little thought and easily can be assembled while moving :). Remember to pair the sandwich with satisfying side dishes that also promote energy on stage and you will be moving in the right direction!

Happy Eating!

The Roadie Nutritionist


2 Responses to “Power Pack Your Sandwiches”

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