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Taco Bell Diet…REALLY?

Growing up with Taco Cabana around the corner from my house meant that I never really felt the craze for Taco Bell. Although, I do have good friends in Texas who love their late-night Taco Bell runs! Now, Taco Bell is tackling the same “weight-loss” theme as Subway.  Yesterday’s news is Jared, and today’s news is Christine.  Check out this link on the drive through diet.

I sit on a fence regarding this topic. The truth of the matter is most Americans now eat out regularly.  Should we?  Well, if you are on a bus traveling from one city to another I guess eating out seems to be an easy option.  The only option, no, but easy!  So this begs the question, “Can I eat out healthfully?”  Yes, you can.

Fast food restaurants are beginning to realize that people are becoming alarmingly aware of the hidden fats and calories in their favorite fast food treats; thus, they are working to make their menus more appealing to the “healthier” people out there.  So if you want to trim some calories at your favorite fast food restaurant here are 5 easy things to remember:

  1. Plan ahead. If you have the chance to get online and check out www.CalorieKing.com do it. This website gives you the nutrition facts of numerous fast food establishments. Type in your restaurant in the food search box and you will get a list of menu items. Click your favorite, but be sure to have a seat first so the shock does not knock you on your butt!
  2. Hold the sauce. Yes the sauce adds unnecessary calories and is often ladened with mayo.
  3. Share the fries. Fried foods will always add an unhealthy dose of calories to your entree, so if you must have them share them! You can easily shave off 300 to 500 calories depending on the size!
  4. Let go of the liquid calories. Opt for a diet beverage, unsweetened tea (great mixed with diet lemonade), or be adventurous and just get water! Fountain drinks go down easy—right to your gut and inflate that tire, so skip it when you can!
  5. Opt for a vegetable! Vegetables have very little calories (until you adulterate them with dressing or cheese sauces), and add fiber, vitamins, and minerals to your diet. If you are a regular at the drive thru, then opt for the vegetable option 9 times out of 10 to save your heart and love handles.

Can you lose weight while eating out?  Yes, the trick is to cut back your calories.  Starving yourself will not enhance your performance, and eating healthier foods can!  Getting sick on tour can really create a setback for your band. If you want to ward off the flu choose healthier foods, drink plenty of water, and get some rest!

Randy Rogers, I hope you feel better soon! I’m telling you my secret–ginger slices with lemon and rosemary!  It’s my secret brew that keeps me happy & healthy when everyone around me is getting ill!

The Roadie Nutritionist


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