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Day 4 Steamboat Springs Music Fest 2010

Brrrr….it’s cold outside, and I mean REALLY COLD!  I think our high today was 15*, and the low was closer to -15*!  How the girls make it in their cute little tops to and from their hotel room and the concert I just don’t know!  I bundled up and looked more like a Michelin tire man. 🙂

Thursday night’s show had me bouncing of the walls, burning ample calories, and singing loud and proud!  Roger Creager kicked off with his typical style and crowd-pleasing songs!  Next Jason Boland piped out his amazing songs. I honestly feel as though his voice is the best out of all who play Texas Country. It’s thick with emotion and deeper than Canyon Lake ;)!  His newest song Comal County Blues really highlights his talents. Lastly, Kevin Fowler finished up the Big Tent show with pride!  Gotta love 100% Texan song, albeit our Horns lost (so sad) we are a proud and rowdy group!  Kevin Fowler definitely can get the crowd moving! Here are some fun pics of Big Tent:

Roger Creager–Everclear

San Antonio Friends…

Who doesn’t love Freebirds?

More pics of the night and Bruce Robison later–I have got to get ready for the fun tonight!

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