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Day 3 Updates from Steamboat Springs

Another day gone by…and wow was it a fabulous one!

First off, the slopes were POWDER! We headed up to the top and down the right side of the mountain on some great blue runs.  There were very few folks on that side which made it nice. I’m not sure if it was the weather or hangovers that kept people off the slopes. :o) I, on the other hand, was up and ready to hit the slopes before the gondola was running.  I have this awful habit of getting up no matter how little sleep I got the night prior.  Pathetic, yes! But, that’s me!

So, after the slopes we hit the hot tub to relieve the pain from our legs–I was beginning to do the “Elvis” on my last run; hence, realizing that it needed to be my last run. :o) Then we heated up some of my leftover chili and chowed down before the night festivities began again!

Ahh, Wednesday night under the BIG TENT!  FABULOUS SHOWS by Brandon Rhyder, Seth James, Stoney LaRue, and (of course my faves) the Randy Rogers Band.  The tent was packed and the acoustics were “on.”  Evidence of the night:

Off to the slopes for some COLD and SUNNY fun on the runs!  Hope to see you out there!

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