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Foodie Picks in Steamboat Springs for MusicFest 2010

My top picks for now, based off Yelp reviews–I’ll let you know more once I try some out!

  1. Mahogany Ridge Brewery & Grill
  2. Winona’s for breakfast
  3. Noodles & More

For more information check out:


Dining Guide for Steamboat (includes menus): http://steamboat-dining.com/medium/pdf/2010_SteamboatSprings_DiningGuide.pdf

I have to admit, after looking at some of the menus I am already gearing up for an epicurean delight!  If you are in to game meats you can find some great restaurants that serve up Elk and Venison!  If you are vegetarian there are ample plates to choose from at most restaurants!  And, if you are a foodie (like me) I think you will find gastro-pleasure in Steamboat!  If you have top picks or suggestions here is the place to post them!

Happy Eating & Skiing in Steamboat (and listening to TX Music)~

The Roadie Nutritionist


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