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Wormy Dog Saloon, OKC–Another great cause by RRB!

The Randy Rogers Band does it again–they play for a cause!  You have to love the bands that give back to those in need, especially in times like these.  When the music industry is struggling to sell out shows and coupling major headliners together just to get  a crowd, it’s great to see that some bands still find it in them to give back! If you show up to the Wormy Dog Saloon tonight in OKC with a toy in hand you have free admission to the show!  It’s bound to be an exciting one!  The guys have been in Nashville working on their upcoming album which should be released in 2010!  Randy Rogers said in his blog that if you liked their Roller Coaster album you’ll really love this upcoming one!  I have a feeling they’ll be testing out their new material tonight along with their classic foot-stompin, sing-alongs!  I have my favorites, do you?

Come out tonight to the Wormy Dog Saloon in OKC for a great show!  Bricktown has a lot of personality, a little reminiscent of San Antonio’s Riverwalk!  Especially when you hear Texas Country Music on the boardwalk!

Wormy Dog Saloon
311 East Sheridan Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 601-6276‎
Thanks to Les Lawless, Randy Rogers, Brady Black, Jon Richardson, & Geoff Hill for giving to a great cause this season and every season!
Food Picks around BrickTown:
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Happy Eating & Don’t Forget Your Toys for Tonight~
The Roadie Nutritionist

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