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How Healthy Is Your Juice?

Although flu season is in full swing, and few of us actually take in enough Vitamin C on a daily basis Orange Juice is not always the best answer! Don’t find relief with a quick glass of OJ! Here is the skinny on Orange Juice:

  • Same sugar content as Coke (8 oz for 8 oz)
  • No protein, no fiber, no fat, and lots of carbs
  • Good source of Vitamin C
  • 100+ calories per cup (think back to the milk cartons from elementary school)

For more nutrition information check out the USDA’s breakdown.

Juice tastes refreshing, but don’t fool yourself in thinking that you are drinking something highly nutritious.  Cutting back on your juice consumption is a great way to cut back on your calorie intake each day! The better option–eat an orange!  Get the added benefits of the 3 grams of fiber per orange!  My favorite are Cuties (aka, clementines), because they are easy to peel and without the hassle of spitting seeds.

On another note, be leery of the nutrition facts label.  Often times juices like Naked Juice have 2 servings per container–easy way to take in nearly 400 calories or more!  Even things that market themselves as healthy, may not be all that they are touted to be!

In addition, juices are being pumped with added fiber, but the fiber they are adding in is not the kind of fiber that has been shown to lower your cholesterol or give you other added health benefits.  For more great fiber info, check out this blog, Fiber is the Future.

I guess it comes down to the best benefits come with eating the whole fruit, not just slamming back a quick glass of juice!

If you feel like you can’t handle eating an orange opt for a packet of Emergen-C or 500mg of Vitamin C (twice a day) when you feel the sniffles coming on!

~Stay well this holiday season,

The Roadie Nutritionist


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