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Does Creamed Corn and Potato Salad Count as Vegetables?

Any reason to head home to Texas is a good reason to me, but especially for a Texas Wedding!  Boots, beers, brats, brisket, and boot scootin’ on the dance floor!  I love every bit of it, even the Chicken Dance and the infamous Cotten-eye Joe! It always feels like a high school reunion–drama and all! 

BBQ is one of the foods I miss the most out here in California. It’s just not the same!  So, I always smile when I see the Texas Menu for weddings—nothing but BBQ!  I do however pause at my plate.  First to take in all the fabulous smells and then to question where my vegetables are hidden.  Ahh, that’s right…we consider corn and potatoes a “vegetable” down here.  Now, technically they are vegetables, but they are starchy vegetables; thus, not providing a lot of the same benefits of non-starchy vegetables. 

 The food was delicious and I enjoyed every bite, BUT I’d love to start seeing something more than flecks of bell peppers and jalapeños to account for quality vegetables.  It doesn’t have to be a tossed salad–broccoli and green beans are popular down here, too! Chris Dausin can whip up a mean brisket at Dirty’s Bar-B-Q in Seguin, Texas out off of 46.  If you get a chance to pop in sometime.  Beware–you’ll be inundated with Aggie memorabilia, and that is because Chris played football for them. I won’t hold that against him!  His food makes up for it!  All I request is for him to add a little color to the plate with vegetables (the non-starchy type) next time he caters a wedding. 

To all of you vegetable skeptics: vegetables can be tasty and complimentary to the brisket and beer–promise!  Especially since for many this is not just a special meal, it’s a weekly dinner!  The importance of coupling your plate of meat with a vegetable is even more important!  Looks good though, huh?  It was! And yes, I enjoyed every bite regardless of the absence of vegetables.

Congrats to Jim & Kristin and many blessings in the years to come!


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