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“Bar” Exam: Beer Goggles and Bulge

As the bartender brings out another round for the stage, courtesy of a generous fan, the night commences. And then the next round shows up.  And then the whiskey starts to flow on the bus.  Ahhh, how the night unfolds. Better loosen your belt or unfasten the top button of your jeans, because alcohol is stacked when it comes to calories–like a slice of German Chocolate Cake!

Generally, the topics of alcohol and nutrition begins with the word moderation, but we all know that for roadies alcohol and moderation can seem to be a stretch of the imagination and the waistline.  I’ll shy away from explaining that alcohol in excess can cause liver problems or a morning of gnawing off your arm next to a coyote. Instead, I’ll be realistic and share some low-cal alcohol ideas for the road. But first, here are some calorie-counting facts:


Serving Amount(ounce) Average(calories)
Regular Beer 12 149
Light Beer 12


Gin, rum, vodka, whisky, tequila 1.0 65
Brandy, cognac 1.0 65
Liqueurs (Drambuie, Cointreau, Kahlua) 1.5 188
Red Wine 4 80
Dry white wine 4 75
Sweet wine 4 105
Sherry 2 75
Port 2 90
Champagne 4 84
Vermouth, sweet 3 140
Vermouth, dry 3 105
Martini 3.5 140
Manhattan 3.5 164
Daiquiri 4 122
Whiskey sour 3 122
Margarita cocktail 4 168
Coolers 6 150

The skinny on low-cal cocktails to keep your waistline trim and the beer goggles clear:

  1. Stick with sparkling waters and a shot of alcohol = 65 calories
  2. Consider Coke Zero or Sprite Zero mixed with a shot = 65 calories
  3. Shy away from the energy drinks = bad news! Try a shot of whiskey in coffee instead
  4. Try a skinny margarita: 1/2 lime squeezed, shot of tequila, splash of lime seltzer, and a packet of Splenda or Truvia = 78 calories
  5. Skip regular juice and try the low-cal varieties of cranberry juice = 140 calories
  6. Find your favorite light beer, Make it a Bud…LIGHT! = 110 calories Check this website out for more beer calories.
  7. Bloody Mary’s at least have a serving of vegetables = 120 calories
  8. Forgo on the drinks that come with an umbrella = 200+ calories (some even close to 400 calories)

And just so you know: Texas state law prohibits taking more than three sips of beer at a time while standing….So take a seat!


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