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Nutrition tips for the bands playing their hearts out one town to the next!

Quick Interval Workout

Do you feel as though you don’t have the time to work out?  Do you have ten minutes in your day?  If so, then you have time for a workout!  Taking 10 minutes out of your day workout burns calories, increases your strength, works your core, and increases your cardiovascular health.  You CAN do 10 minutes. Need quick ideas for a workout to do while at a rest stop or even on a bus? Try minute intervals to get your 10 minute exercises in.

1. Burpees (squat, pushup, jump)

  • Do 1 for the first minute, 2 during the 2nd, 3 for the 3rd minute (are you getting the idea?)

2. Jump Rope

  • Jump for 1 minute, rest a minute, jump 2 minutes, rest a minute, jump 3 minutes, etc.

3. Lunge set

  • Invest in a medicine ball and use the ball to do twists, lifts, etc. while lunging.  Watch your form on these so you do not over extend your knee and injure yourself.

4. Planks

  • From the push-up position you can do arm lifts, leg lifts, etc. for minutes to work your core

5. Abs

  • Spend 10 minutes working your core by doing a variety of ab workouts.

If you are curious about more creative workout ideas check out FitDeck created by a Navy SEAL http://www.fitdeck.com/


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