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Nutrition tips for the bands playing their hearts out one town to the next!

Where’s Your Weakness?

snack-foods-282x300Do you crave sweets? Do you snack on the salty? Or are you just the person who eats, and eats a lot of many things? Many people can claim that they lack the motivation to exercise; thus, they gain weight. The reality is that statement does not hold up well with science. There are stronger research studies that support weight loss with healthy eating versus just exercise alone. Now, before you get too excited there are numerous reason why a person should exercise, and exercise daily. If you are simply trying to trim up a bit you may be doing your body a disservice if you only focus on exercise versus changing a couple things in your diet. Here are a couple easy things to try to make small changes in your day:
1. Start your day off right with a high-fiber breakfast (>5grams)
2. Snack on fruit instead of bars or chips
3. Switch to diet sodas (if this is tough, try to mix 1 small can of regular with 1 small can of diet or just switch to the small cans)
4. Get in at least 2 cups of vegetables at either lunch or dinner (or both)
5. Switch to low-fat milk
6. Choose mustard over mayo
7. Pass on the butter and try the bread without instead
8. Choose olive oil and vinaigrette over Ranch dressing
9. Drink more water–drink 1 glass before each meal and 1 glass after
10. Write it down! Record your food. This is the easiest way to start to recognize where you are missing a beat or skipping out on some important foods.


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