Fuelin' Roadie
Nutrition tips for the bands playing their hearts out one town to the next!

Trippin’ Over to Fayetteville, AR

If the highway guides you over to Fayetteville, AR, and perhaps George’s Majestic Lounge to see the Randy Rogers Band (www.RandyRogersBand.com) then consider heading over to Grubs Bar & Grill for some fresh roadie fare. 

Roadie Pick: Grubs Bar & Grill  220 Northwest Avenue (simple stroll from George’s) untitled

Menu: http://grubsbargrille.com/grubmenu/

Top Food Picks:

  • Great salad selections! Ask for romaine lettuce, skip the creamy dressings, skip the cheese, and get the honey jalapeño dressing on the side to dip instead. 
  • Sandwiches: Turkey Sandwich is definitely the lightest option!  Kick the notion of the Frito pie, fried foods, dripping with bacon, or smothered with cheese.
  • Burgers: If you must…skip the mayo, cheese, & bacon and load it with vegetables.  Choose mustard or BBQ sauce for the topping over mayo or the creamy alternatives. 
  • Sides: Hands down choose the grilled vegetables!
  • Beverages: Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, Tea (hold the sugar, please), and Light Brews on tap

The road can be kind or cruel to your waistline…the choice is always yours!


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